All you need is a motorbike licence, some willpower, some wonga, and you can make it happen. The only thing really stopping you is you. Your day will be pre-planned by others to give you the maximum support and provide the best day on two wheels you will ever have, whether you stay on the bike or not. Track day’s are structured into groups from a “Novice” like you, to “advanced” experienced club racers. So stop what you are doing and go to the Track Calendar, click and book with the hosts. Then, research your chosen circuit using the Track Calendar link to the circuit, turn up on the day with your bike, or not if you’ve hired one, and you will never look at your road riding in the same way again!

Not convinced read on! – It’s not a long story!

 In 2000 a mate said “Join us on Sunday for a ride out to the coast! – you can use my spare CBR600”. “Great I’ll be there”. By 1pm that damp Sunday afternoon I was in ditch up to my neck in mud and couldn’t find the bike. By attempting to keep up with the others I had crashed. Could have been far worse as I had zero defects but the bike had no fairings, indicators or screen, but still ride-able. Off to the jet wash for both me and the bike. On reflection road riding as if on track, was not conducive to a long life. As luck would have it my mate said “well we might as well track-it now”! With the bike patched up, off we road to Donny, only a couple miles up the road. I was in the novice group and he was in the Intermediate group using the same bike which fortunately was his. My heart was pounding so much I didn’t remember anything from the briefing. Out in the first session, on a dry warm day with a grey track, very green grass and blue sky, down Craner for the time – God this was living the dream, and we were only on the first of our two sighting laps. Then GO the pace picked up and we were off with loads of other like-minded people all going the same way. First session over! I was buzzin and brimming with confidence. Then second session it happened, right knee touched the tarmac through the old hairpin – unbelievable! I was Screaming in my helmet all the way back to the pits, overflowing with confidence, showing anyone and everyone my scuffed slider!! Then the immortal words were spoken “Calm down and don’t bin it – or you’ll wreck the day”. Funny how some people pee on your fireworks. By the fourth session with thinner sliders on both legs the bubble burst! Entered the Old Hairpin, knocked it down into second (not third), and wacked open the throttle – blue, green, blue, green, bang scrape rumble, ting, ting. Then the fait sound of passing bikes. BIG High side! I remember a marshal walking towards me saying go and get your bike. I said “Don’t stop the session” I didn’t want others to loose out through my stupidity, look someone else has come off, pointing to the bike laying 200 yards up the track under Starkey’s Bridge. GO AND GET YOUR BIKE – THAT’S YOUR’S YOU MUPPET – and follow me back to the pits. I was stunned how far one can travel on ones arse! I’m convinced to this day the marshal who came to my aid was Neil Hodgson. The only damage was fairings on the bike, one missed session, stiff limbs and a well bruised ego!

I would not have missed it for the world……. # 43